A Day Of Expressed “Love”

Greetings – Sunday – February 14th., 2010

I am available today until Noon., pacific only.

No late evening hours.

Love is celebrated today just about all over the world & especially between

people who perhaps rarely, if ever, think about or consider the idea of ‘LOVE’.

It’s just a fun day to acknowledge, accept, share, give, be in Love & feel LOVED!

The most important ideal & sentiment to remember today is that YOU ARE LOVED…

more than you could ever imagine. Regardless how you may personally be feeling, today give thanks to GOD for creating you, & loving you, unconditionally.

If you’re feeling anything ‘less than’ yourself, today, chalk it up to the prevailing planetary influences, right now, that are pulling, pushing & tugging on you, that more likely than not, are creating a less than loving feeling & cause you to wanna stay in bed, or hide in your cave. ‘GET OUT OF BED & GET OUT OF YOUR CAVE’… take today to at least exhibit ‘Self Love’ in a way that allows you to indulge in your passions.

Eat some chocolate, have some champagne, go take a walk or ride into a rain forest, mountain trail, the beach, lake or river. Enjoy something you’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t take the time or make the time, or allow yourself the time to … JUST DO IT’! Today is the day to show ‘Self Love’ … appreciating the life you’ve been blessed with. And of course, if you are fortunate enuf to be with someone special, or with the ‘one you are madly passionately in love with’… then lavish him/her with their heart’s desires! You will receive a huge blessing & surprise by day’s end.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

May your day be filled with heartfelt Joy… love, light & laughter!

Aloha hugs & love,

Daija ext 32452

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