Caution, Discernment, and Tension…


Imagine the energy generated in the Cosmos, when entire galaxies collide. Above is a NASA image of such an occurrence. The Hubble telescope caught this image of two gigantic systems containing millions of stars and planets on a collision course. If our little Moon tugs and pulls the great oceans of Earth, then what affect do galaxies have on us?

The end of the week winds down on Friday with a bit of tension in the air, as the Moon (Emotions) looks uneasily at five other planets. Just remember that nothing would ever get done if everything was easy and there was no stress — the good kind of stress, where you work for what’s right and get that good feeling of satisfaction when you’re done. Saturn (Practicality and Restrictions) plays a dual role with both the Moon and Mercury — both at odds. Use this as an opportunity to examine restrictions you feel, or even have co-created… and how to work through them to get what you want.

“Be careful of those around you who might be angling for their own gain.”

The Weekend comes in with a balance of the Moon in three Trines (harmony) and three stressful positions. So the tug and pull of life presents itself on Saturday when you find it opportune to talk about new ideas with your mate and family, but there are some things surfacing that show stress. Good. Stress is required to get things done. Stress reveals areas where you can heal and grow. Embrace it.

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Sunday brings a mixed bag of a day — celestially speaking. We find Mercury squaring off with Jupiter, and the Moon squaring off with Venus. This indicates a day when talking about forward looking plans may not set well with your mate. Meanwhile, the Moon is making nice with Saturn (practicality) and working in conjunction with Mars to make a nice practical break in order — go to a movie, enjoy a bookstore… have a nice latte as the weekend concludes.

Monday comes up with a number of emotional tension patterns in the cosmos. Good. Good? Yes, it is emotional tension, handled properly, that creates a lot of the motivation to get things done. Be careful of those around you who might be angling for their own gain. Attempt to surface emotional motivations calmly and rationally — both your colleagues and friends… and your own. Venus is showing harmony with Pluto today… so some activity in your love life can lead to a breakthrough in the understanding of your relationships.

Tuesday is looking mostly quiet — but watch the communication carefully. Mercury (Communication) is squaring off with Chiron (Health), so the best policy is to listen well, and pray for discernment. Take your time and think carefully about what you hear before responding. The Moon plays nice with both Venus and Pluto today, so follow your heart and you can enjoy a new level of satisfaction with friends and in your important relationships.

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