Communication, Stress, and Breakthroughs


Beautiful Cosmos: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory image of a bubble-shaped shroud of gas and dust that is 14 light-years wide and is expanding at 4 million miles per hour.

Saturday brings a lot of celestial activity. The Moon is making nice with Uranus, Venus and Saturn.  Think of some new, but practical ideas you can bring into your love relationships.  Could you spend the afternoon cooking together with some new recipes?  Then there’s some tension between Mars and Saturn.  Mars wants to get things going — Saturn wants to slow things down.  Go with your intuition there.  Remember to listen well to those around you — they have important ideas for you.

“What are you feeling that is holding you back?  Communication will lead you to your breakthrough answer.”

Sunday shows some emotional tension involving Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury.  This is a good day to practice good Communication skills. There’s a chance you can make a breakthrough if you listen well, and are open to new ideas.  The Moon is in trine with the Sun, also today, so your critical thinking and intuition should be in tune with one another.  This will bring greater understanding as you deal with family and friends.

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Monday looks busy in the heavens as the week begins.  Mercury is cooperating with Pluto even as is squares off with Saturn. You will need to get beyond some restrictions in order to achieve a breakthrough.  Jupiter is working in conjunction with Chiron to bring healthy growth to your life. Meanwhile, the Moon opposes both Jupiter and Chiron throwing an emotional wrench into your plans.  What are you feeling that is holding you back?  Communication will lead you to your breakthrough answer.

Tuesday quiets down as Mercury (Communication) shows stress with Mars (Initiation), and the Moon (Emotions) squares off with both Venus (Love), and the Sun (Personality). What do you love about yourself?  What do you wish you could change?  Have a good talk about this with yourself, then consider who you need to talk with to take the next step.  A supervisor at work?  A college entrance counselor?  Someone in your family?  Prepare yourself with honest introspection… then go make the right moves.

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