Falling In Love Is All About The Fall

Have you realized that most long lasting or everlasting couples have fallen in love in Fall?

If you start thinking about it, you will notice that most couples fell in love in fall, it is the season of the year where romance can be felt all over.

Go out to a park and you will see so many lovely couples walking hand in hand, smiling at each other, glancing with tender complicity. You may think it is the fall´s scenario with those warm colors surrounding us, golden leaves falling, red tree-leaves slowly dancing above us, a warming sun hugging our bodies and hearts….well, truth is that the cozy ambience may influence us somehow, but that is not the only reason.

What happens in the Fall is that it is the moment of the year when Planet Mercury rules Virgo, while Planet Venus rules Libra, and they have a great influence on our love-moods and sensitivity. Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is the symbol of dialogue, communication, thought and logic while Venus is the planet that symbolizes the feelings, emotions, relationships, harmony, beauty and art (as well as possessions).

Under the influence of Venus, we are more prone to feel good and fall in love, as well as we are more attractive to the others.  Mercury influencing us meliorates our communicative skills, helping us not only to better understand the others, but to be easily understood.

So, can you think of a better conjunction of universal elements to make us fall in love on Fall?



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