Making Things Happen…

Earth and Moon do a celestial dance 24/7/365. We accept this as our reality, with little thought for the influences above… until we see the tides, and until we feel emotions peak during Full Moons. All is Light and all is Energy. As above, so below.

The week starts off on Monday with two harmonies, two tensions, and two blockages in terms of Astro-Energies. It’s a good day to get tasks done. You’re feel stronger today as your personality powers through objectives. Tension occurs in the areas of Health and Spirituality — two linked areas of your life. Take a moment to meditate meditation and pray in order to address this. You are likely to have minor blocks in communication as you try to break through to better understanding with a very important person. Make sure you trust your gut about the best approach, then listen and seek to understand before being understood.

“Life is not about relaxing all the time, and you have to “key up” to make things happen. Have Faith, knowing you can do it.”

Tuesday brings three harmonies and two tensions. The tensions in the area of new ideas for growth are actually a good thing. What…Stress… a good thing? Yes! Life is not about relaxing all the time, and you have to “key up” to make things happen. Have Faith, and you can do it. This is also a great day to enjoy romance, so plan an intimate lunch or dinner with your mate. Your mate can provide the inspiration you need to succeed.

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At mid-week, we find that restrictions block our Communication on Wednesday. Get beyond those roadblocks. Is email not getting your point across? Meet in person. You may have a feeling you can transform a relationship or two today, but you have to negotiate the obstacles. Handle any discord with your close partner at work and at home, then move swiftly to clear your desk of any stressful correspondence and communication. Next, take a break and celebrate all that you accomplished thus far this week. You’ll then be in the right frame of mind to forge ahead toward a very entertaining weekend.

Thursday finds a mix of Astro-energies that show opportunities to share some future plans with your coworkers and family, and maybe even that very special someone. Just remember that people fear change, and so at first you may get some resistance. That’s ok. Different people adapt to change at different speeds. But life is all about change, so your new ideas, built on careful planning, will carry the day in the end. It can be draining, perhaps exhausting to a degree… but it’s worth it. Enjoy your day & prepare to have the most extraordinary time this weekend, certainly you make a huge hit with ‘new’ introductions.

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