SuperNova Love, Harmony for Spirit


Nova Blue and Red: The large pink area in upper right is part of N76, a large star forming region, while the blue wisp at bottom is remnants of a large Super Nova explosion — composite of several images taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope.


Astro-Weekend Update…

Saturday looks like a fun one as emotions are lined up for Love. Whoo hooo. But there are some stress indicators too, so after the lovin pay some attention to health communication. You know… where you talk about some deep stuff. Hey, there’s more to romance than just sex, and one of life’s great rewards is connecting on a Spiritual level. That’s good for the health of the relationship… and your own health too.

Just like work-outs are good for the body, so reading, meditation, prayer and other activities are good for the soul.

On Sunday, the Moon dances in trine with Uranus a sign that you feel open to new possibilities. How will you explore them? An outing to a new part of town… or stay in and learn more about your mate? We also see the Moon (emotions) squaring off with Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. This indicates some emotional roadblocks for growth that could go against your Spiritual health. Pray. Meditate. Feel, deal, then heal.

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Monday looks a bit quiet, but a good day to seize the iniative and get things rolling. Interesting to see Venus working in conjunction with the Sun, while the Moon shows tension with both. One possibility here is that you might not be paying attention to your gut instincts. It’s sometime easier to go with your head (ie. “everyone loves my proposal”) than to listen to intuition. Don’t make that mistake.

Tuesday sees the Moon in triple harmony with Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. I always like this alignment because it brings a healthy energy for spiritual growth. But even though the energy potential is there — you have to do some work, fun as it may be. Just like work-outs are good for the body, so reading, meditation, prayer and other activities are good for the soul. Don’t be blocked from exploring some new ideas.

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