Tension & Harmony…

Sombrero Galaxy

Masterpieces of Art with Light: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope produced the photo of the Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104 (M104). This beautiful tapestry of colored light is just one of millions of high “artwork” present in the universe increasingly revealed by powerful telescopes.

Astro-Weekend Update…

On Sunday, the Moon plays nice with Jupiter — planet of growth, while dancing in trine with Saturn — the discipline planet. Think disciplined growth, as in tending an investment portfolio, doing relationship “work”, or “paying your dues” in your career. Quick and easy ways to get there are an illusion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process. Embrace live and fight the “good fight”, and you can live long an prosper.

The week launches on Monday with favorable aspects for Mars (Initiation), Venus (Love), and showing tensions with six other planets. Tension and harmony… isn’t that the way of the World? The trick is to use harmonic moments to do what’s right and meet your goals, while working with a certain degree of stress as you get things done. Expect and welcome the kind of tension that gets you “good to go.”

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Tuesday finds the Moon (Emotions) working in conjunction with both Chiron (Health) and Neptune (Spirituality). Spiritual health is always important, but in uncertain times and turmoil it is a rock on which to stand in the flood. Pray. A breakthrough is possible today when you get beyond any restrictions on communication. Is there a “taboo” subject you’re not supposed to talk about, but really need to with someone important in your life? Find a way to work it out.

At midweek, we find some tension Wednesday with an important person in your life who fears speaking to you about a matter you need to hear. There are things we all “know” based on gut instinct and intuition, even though there may be no direct evidence of it. Trust your emotional intelligence even though you might be blocking important communication, or putting it off until later. Don’t wait. Prepare yourself, then listen carefully to what a loved one has to say. This will open up your life to a number of good possibilities.

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