Tension, Listening, and Growth…


Mercury, Venus & Mars – three planets closest to the Sun play prominently as influences in our lives.

Welcome to Friday. Mercury works some mischief today, opposing Neptune (Spirituality), and showing tension with Uranus (New Ideas). The Moon shows some good feelings for the Sun (Personality), but is in opposition to Mars (Initiation). This leaves you feeling good about yourself, and “standing pat” — no new directions right now. But what is the remaining communication issue? Can you find a way to move through it? Hint: remember perhaps the most important part of communication… listening.

Saturday looks balanced for Celestial energies with the Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Welcome to August. Emotionally, it’s always good to be true to your Spirit — do what’s needed for your growth and that will be healthy. We also find the Moon squaring off with Saturn, Neptune, and the Sun today. You may see some discomfort with proposals that seem to restrictive. You know what to do. Lead from the Spirit and show those close to you the way to enjoy the day.

“…perhaps the most important part of communication… listening.”

Sunday finds the Moon in Harmony with Mercury — have a good discussion with your mate. About what? Well, the Moon (Emotions) is showing some tension with Jupiter (growth) and Chiron (Health). There’s your topic — what kind of growth activities could we do in our relationship that would be good for our health — the health of each of us, and the health of the relationship? I wager that very few people stop and think about that. But if you ask the question, and solve it with a retreat, a class, a new church — just a long talk… you will be a lot farther down the path.

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Monday finds Mercury in trine (harmony) with Pluto — this is a good day to talk about renewing old projects. Are you stalled or blocked because something seems stale and boring? Find a new angle, so you can renew your enthusiasm. The Moon (Emotions) is showing some tension with Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Mercury. Embrace tension. It will either help you forge ahead with creative tension that facilitates solutions, or it might surface some emotions you need to deal with. Remember — feel, deal, heal. The Moon is also squaring off with Venus today, so dealing with emotional tension can help you unblock your love relationships.

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