Trines, Gifts, and Progress…


Other Star Systems, Other Planets: NASA artist’s concept of the star Fomalhaut and the Jupiter-type planet that the Hubble Space Telescope observed. Observations taken 21 months apart by Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys’ coronagraph show that the planet — named Fomalhaut B — is moving along a path around the star.

Friday finds the Moon in three trines, and two harmonies — a favorable day for getting things done. Pay attention to what your Spirit inspires you to do today, since that will perk up your personality and give you the initiative you need at work and at home. Neptune (Spirituality) is pleased with the Moon — a good feeling — but somewhat at odds with Mercury… a sign that you may need to express your thoughts about Spiritual matters with someone close to you.

“Listen to your intuition. It’s not the size of the gift or quantity that counts. It’s what is expressed from your heart.”

On Saturday, we see a balanced day with two harmonies, and two stress indicators. Remember, that there is such a thing as good stress — just like a bow requires tension to shoot a straight arrow, so does the right amount of stress bring an alert state of mind to help you reach goals in life. Keep your wits about you today, and watch for a breakthrough with friends and loved ones when you take time for honest communication.

Sunday brings an opportunity for healing those parts of your personality that need some new ideas to break through the hurdles of life. What hurdles? Well, sometimes when you follow what is in your mind, instead of what is in your heart, often there are problems to address later. There are four planets the Moon (Emotions) is squaring off with today. Look for where your Spiritual growth is blocked, and deal with it.

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Monday shows the Sun (Personality) in harmony with Jupiter (Growth) while the Moon (Emotions) is in harmony with Saturn (Limitations). In the Holiday give season, this can translate to you thinking you have to buy more gifts, while in your gut you know you should stay on budget. Listen to your intuition. It’s not the size of the gift or quantity that counts. It’s what is expressed from your heart.

Rolling in on Tuesday is a good day for progress in your love relationships. The Moon is working in conjunction with Venus today, as the Sun plays nice with Neptune (planet of Spirituality). Again, Spirituality is your key — understand your mate and loved-ones Spiritual needs — listen to their desires and needs. Take a look at any emotions that blocking you from communicating honestly and fully. You can do it.

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