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The Bottom Line

In your relationships, do you take a ‘bottom-line position too quickly?

It’s important to remember that when in relationship with someone, we’re dealing with people, not robots. People have emotions, feelings, and a life—even if it’s not THE LIFE you would prefer they have ‘with or without you’. In setting a boundary and taking a ‘bottom-line’ position make sure that it’s one you are comfortable with and won’t suffer feelings of guilt or anxiety when counter-moves or the fall out begins.

An example of this is when Josh and Amy broke up. Josh moved out leaving a ton of his stuff in Amy’s apartment. Amy wanted Josh’s stuff out immediately, but Josh could not make time for whatever reason to get his stuff out on Amy’s schedule. Therefore, Amy gave Josh an ultimatum, stating that if he did not get his stuff out by next Friday, it was going to charity.

Friday rolled around and sure enough, Amy gave Josh’s stuff away. Then when Josh came to get his stuff the following week, it was gone. He was mad and felt Amy was deliberate and unreasonable. Amy then felt bad, anxious and depressed. Did Amy do anything wrong? No, not really. Although, her bottom line to ‘action’ ‘for her’ was much more rigid than what she could actually live and be OK with.

Most of us make good attempts in defining a new position. Yet, when met with resistance from our ex or the other party, we cave.

In taking a ‘bottom-line’ position, remember to define a strong “I” within the “we” of your relationship. The challenge we all experience is having both a relationship and a self, during and post-break up.

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Image result for upset and anxious about my ex

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QCD Manifesting



Take Quiet
time. Choose to be still allowing your mind to quiet itself from
constant negative self and external chatter. Doing so fosters patience. Quieting your mind, is the
only way we are able to hear God’s voice speaking to us; recognizing
‘His’ distinctive voice and clear message.

Be Conscious
of what you are seeking guidance on or answers for. Ask God and His
Universe directly for what you want, need and desire. Whether it’s
health, wealth, love, romance, marriage, a new or healthier relationship—-whatever it is—-all
you must do is be completely quiet and still and then ‘ask’ and believe, and you shall receive. Being quiet and still allows you to speak clear
messages rather than mixed messages, achieving more of what you want vs.
more of what you don’t want.

Detach yourself from any preconceived outcome other than what is right and best for you, now.

QCD Manifesting Affirmation

Place your right hand over your heart, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly… speak these words: I am quiet and calm, ready and prepared to receive Love, Health, Prosperity, Romance, Marriage, new car, new home, travel, career, freedom, wealth, abundance… (whatever words you choose to say describing what you desire now to manifest in your life) …My heart is open, my mind is clear, I am calm and at peace as I wait upon my blessed desires to manifest. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly. Do this everyday or as often as you wish.

Maintain your belief, do not doubt.

Doubting or questioning yourself sends a mixed message, obstructing manifestation.

Maintain your belief, do not doubt.

Now patiently await and watch with optimism.

Suddenly you will begin to see changes and miracles occur in your life.

I will be writing more on QCD Manifesting. Be blessed and Enjoy!

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Holiday Healing Happiness

Heading into the holidays just after a breakup is about as much fun as taking a cold shower in the snow. At the same time, getting together with family and friends after such life altering event, does not have to be all gloom and doom. My advice is to ‘bite the bullet’ and plan to go BUT… plan ahead and here’s how.

1) Go to those gatherings and dinners where you are nurtured and supported by the attendees. Support of ‘kind, considerate and loving’ family and friends, is healing and you’ll come away feeling ‘better’.

2) You do not owe anyone an explanation. Therefore, plan a ‘canned’ response to those questions from ‘inquiring minds’ who want to know all your business and details. When asked about your break up, you can readily rehearse one of the below reply examples:
2a. Can we talk about this at another time?
2b. It just didn’t work out and/or;
3.c. I’ll share more with you after the holidays.

3. Make a choice to be good to yourself. This is more than a mere cliche’. There is real healing power behind the phrase. Remember first and foremost that being ‘good to yourself’ means TAKING CARE OF YOU! Engaging in physical activity reduces anxiety, along with giving yourself permission to cry. Your goal now is to soften the hard landing that you are going through emotionally.

Also, considering talking with a local therapist about your feelings and emotions, or of course call me, 800.275.5336 Ext. 32452 me. I am available whenever convenient for you. Talking with someone who will truly understand, validate and be objective with you, is what will aide you in your healing efforts, allowing you to gently process and in your own time, that’s right for you. <3

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The Most Uncomfortable Place to be with &quot;THE ONE&quot; whom you love…

Fighting and bickering with your partner is a draining experience. It
is also one of the most uncomfortable and unwanted places to be with
the person you love. We’ve all been there and we’ll be there again. Yet,
ending a fight can be far less painful than you may believe. The next
time you are in the throws of wooden spoons, and less than loving
language spewing from your lips that you’d never want your mother or
your children to hear, just STOP… in attempt to get your point across—-or to ‘be right’. Just STOP!!

Take a deep breath and count to five… then politely and calmly say to
your partner: “What do you need from me?” This is not merely asking
your partner ‘what they need’—-rather you are asking your partner,
‘what they need from you’, allowing him/her to feel validated in that
you are listening and interested in helping them get their needs met. Then be still
and quiet while she/he responds. I promise you, that at that moment, the
focus will shift, and issues between you will begin to brighten and
lighten up, emotionally for you both.

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The Art of Complaining

Criticizing our spouse or partner, rather than
complaining about something we are dissatisfied about is a primary
reason couples are unable to resolve arguments. Understanding the
difference between criticizing and complaining is such a crucial element
in discussions, disagreements and arguments that I could write a book
on this one topic.

We must realize that complaining to our
spouse or partner is normal and healthy. We must also make sure that we
are open to our spouse/partner complaining to us as well. Complaints
are a common issue within relationships of all types.

Complaining is freedom of expression within the parameters of a
relationship. Criticizing is not about ‘ourselves’. Criticizing focuses on the other
person. There is a difference between complaining and criticizing

we begin a complaint is going to set the tone of the discussion,
disagreement or argument. Therefore, it’s important to begin by
confronting your partner/spouse with your complaint in a tone that does
not attack, snap or criticize them.

When we complain we
must remember that our complaint is about us, and what we are
experiencing or feeling. It is not about our partner or spouse.

When we criticize we are focusing on the other person. Doing so will put your partner/spouse on the defense.

difference between complaining and criticizing is that complaining
explains the problem or issue. Complaining vs. criticizing gives your
spouse/partner a gracious way to respond, vs. react, allowing them to
also explain their side. Complaining focuses on how “I feel” vs. you caused me to, or you made me feel, etc. Complaining vs. Criticizing maintains a civil, constructive conversation.

the art of complaining vs. criticizing will foster a healthier happier
and more loving, productive marriage or partnership. Learning this skill deepens
intimacy as communication becomes more emotionally safe, open, honest
and connected.~

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Image result for couples complaining

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Poetic Side of Sex

Sex is a sacrificial act. Sex is designed and we ‘have sex’ to meet the sexual
needs of the other person, not for ‘self gratification’. As we are all
well aware, we don’t need a partner for sexual self satisfaction. God
gave us our sexual desires—it’s our divinely hardwired blessing from
Him. Sexual desires are perfectly natural. Expressing
them, sharing them, and delighting in them by engaging in sexual
activity with the one person whom we love and whom we are attracted,
committed, and devoted to, for life, is healthy and deeply satisfying,
on all levels.

Random sex with just anyone at any given
moment, or even in a relationship that is perhaps casual, or commonly
called, ‘Friends with Benefits’—- is never as fulfilling and
satisfying. In fact, random sex has been proven, on many levels, to be
physiologically unhealthy and emotionally destructive.

about yourself, and what matters most to you, now—- and in the future
insofar as your life is concerned. The next time you consider enjoying
sexual activity with someone who—-does not care enough about you, to
commit to you, yet, is willing to risk your health or even your life for
their sexual satisfaction and gratification.

Ask yourself if he
or she is truly worth possibly making a mistake that could harm you in
any way, or perhaps even, cost you your life?

your health, happiness, or your life for the sexual pleasure of someone
else to whom neither of you are sacredly committed, is a destructive
choice to make. Love and respect yourself first and foremost.~

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Can you BE… The Right Partner to the person whom you are planning to marry?

Marriage is a big deal, for a lot of reasons—-the first reason is
that it is a life altering experience and we marry for life. Most often
we get caught up in the excitement of planning, etc., and well, it’s
Superbowl Day for the bride.

Currently in the midst of June, and
weddings galore across the continent!! June is considered the Nuptial
Month of the year, where more weddings are performed than during any
other month of on calendar. Every summer, especially the month of June,
with July and August following, honeymooners are found on just about
every beach across the continent celebrating the beginning of their new
life together as ‘One Flesh’, to be biblically correct.
After all, that is exactly what you are preparing for as a newly married
couple; sharing from this point forward every part of your life,
together as ‘One’.

One question I frequently
get from both male and female clients during the early stages of dating
as well as into the relationship, especially upon commitment phase, is ‘How do I know if ‘he’ or ‘she’ is the right man or woman (for me) to marry?’

Every man wants a woman who will look up to him, respect, honor and love him, submitting to his needs as her husband.

Every woman wants a man who will provide security for her, respect, cherish and love her, making her a priority in his life.

What does a ‘the right’ husband look like?

· He is dedicated to a life of serving his wife.

· He consistently puts her needs above his own.

· He ensures she gets whatever she needs.

· He invests time in studying his wife in order to understand her better.

· He communicates with her on a deep, emotionally open and honest level, sharing what’s on his heart.

· When she asks for something, he does it without her having to nag, push or pull on him.

Men and women are completely equal in a marriage, however, God created men and women
with a different sets of needs. He designed marriage to allow a husband
and wife to meet the needs of each other.

What does ‘the right’ wife look like?

-She is dedicated to allowing her husband
to fail without condemning or chastising him, or telling him what to
do. Honor and respect is the number one need of your husband.

-She allows God to be the enforcer, rather than herself. It’s
okay to speak up when your husband does or says something you disagree
with. Afterall, you are equals in marriage. Yet, once you say what you
want or need to say, it’s not
your job to attempt to change him. Speak your piece, ‘kindly’, and then
give the situation to God. Pray for your husband and rely
on God to change his heart and mind.

-Honor the man whom you want him to be.
In other words, focus on the things he does well and right, those
things that you enjoy, love, value and appreciate about him rather than
focusing on everything that he does wrong or that you dislike. Men
appreciate and will submit to being honored by the woman they love.

-Focus on his strengths vs. his faults. A man thrives on praise for things he does well and understanding (especially from the love of his life; his wife)
when he fails. A man is a human being and he is imperfect. He is not
going to always make the right or most wise decision. We as women want
our man to do everything the way we ‘think they should’, of course,
especially when he’s our husband.

the above is readily visible in yourself as well as in your potential
partner during the dating phase. It’s up to you to ‘see’ these
behaviors within yourself and the person whom you are dating allowing
you to make the ‘right and most wise decision’ vs. making excuses for behaviors that do not exhibit the above. By choosing to marry someone with whom you cannot be the man or woman described
above —as the partner God intended you to be, is doing yourself and your potential partner in life a great disservice.

you are currently considering dating or in the midst of dating someone
whom you believe you’ve fallen in love with, and now considering
marriage—this time now, is the utmost important time to consider all
the above.

It is now during this
time, before you say “I DO”, that you can truly evaluate whether or not
you are actually able to ‘be the type of partner’ God intends us to be,
to the man or woman whom you are currently dating. And if the answer is
‘NO’… then it’s time to say ‘the end’ —–it’s time to Go, especially
if commitment and marriage is your ultimate goal with this person
currently in your life.~

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Image result for happy couples dating

Image result for happy couples dating

Image result for happy couples dating

Image result for happy couples dating

Image result for happy couples dating

Image result for happy couples dating

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Make the First Call Count

Seeking (the right) advice or guidance in everyday life and in your relationship is important and can prove to be quite valuable. Sometimes we all need advice and it’s important that we choose someone to talk with whom we are able to open up to, identify with and receive honest insights that we can grow and learn from.

The key in receiving the type of help or assistance you truly need is by carefully choosing your advisor. But how do I carefully choose my advisor? By first taking a moment to gather your thoughts about the issues you are seeking advice on. The best way to do this is to relax, ground yourself, calm your mind, and ‘create a list’.

Create a list of the issues and areas of life you wish to address,
discuss, and learn more about during your session with your advisor. Putting time, effort and energy into writing down your questions will sweeten your session by providing you with a tangible or workable solution that more often times than not— will be life altering and beneficial to you.

first session is the most important.
There are many types advisors to choose from, however, you want to choose the ‘right’ advisor who specializes in the areas that you are concerned with most. For example: I am well seasoned in all areas of life and can offer sound advice and guidance in every area. Although, I am specialized in the area of one on one personal, romantic and professional relationships with a concentration on mating and dating, romance, marriage, divorce and family.

Making the first call is important. For the first call please set aside at least 20 minutes to introduce and get acquainted with me or any advisor you may choose. It’s not fair to you or your advisor to attempt to introduce and connect on the first three minute call.

You have a reason for placing a call to an advisor, and that reason is to receive an applicable and beneficial answer to an important issue, care and concern in your life. Whether it’s a personal, romantic or professional issue you are dealing with in your life—if it is important enough for you to invest your time, effort and energy in caring and worrying about it all and then to seek help with, then it’s important enough to invest ample time to connect with an advisor to truly assist you in a way that will provide you with an honest answer or solution that will benefit you.

If you want your advisor to take you and your issues seriously, and truly be able to assist you with real helpful advice, insights and information that will provide you with a solution, then please also be realistic and serious about your situation and putting forth the real effort to connect with your new advisor by buying enough time for a proper introduction and work from that place with her/him to build a healthy connection and foundation together.

By having specific questions on those important areas of your life that you have questions and concerns about —-will aid in fostering an emotional connection between you and your advisor. You are important! Your life and your issues are important!!

Therefore, creating an emotionally open and honest connection and comfort zone between you and your advisor is paramount to successfully reach a solution that is uniquely
suited to your individual needs, personality type and relational,
family or career issues, cares and concerns.~
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PS… I love you, MOM!!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May
8th., (yes, that’s this coming Sunday) and by Friday most of us — who
are fortunate enough to be blessed with our Mom (still) with us—-will
be thinking about what to do for Mom or at least planning on what
‘special’ to do or give to “Mom” or to that special someone in your life
who is a Mom, or acts as a ‘Mom’ to you or someone else.

course, all Mom’s are different and unique with all sorts of individual
tastes and styles—yet, I’ve done some of the work for you with
particular ‘gift ideas’ associated with your Mom’s particular birthday
and zodiac sign—that her special day falls within. Should you decide
to gift your Mom or that special someone who is a “Mom” —with a below gift
idea, I am certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much she
will just ‘love it’ and ‘love you’ too… for thinking of her in such a
special way on her very special day.


EXPENSIVE and exciting are two buzz words when it comes to gifting your
Mars ruled Mom! Don’t waste time on non-sense trinket stuff, make it
big, fun and exciting. A gift certificate to her favorite boutique, or
tickets to see her favorite band or live show will certainly light up
her world and her mommy life, she’ll be ecstatic too, if you join her at
one of these events.


Scrumptious, beautifully
well presented FOOD is on the agenda for your Venus ruled Mom! A
gorgeous brunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant with music,
beautiful flowers, delicious delectable desserts and of course
presenting her with a beautifully wrapped gift of her favorite perfume
or a gift certificate for a ‘SPA-Day’ will rock your Mom’s special day
with delight.


Your Intellectually stimulated
Mercury ruled Mom will hug you to the moon and back with Books, books
and more books. The latest title from your mom’s favorite author or a
book you choose for her as a keepsake from you—-either way you’ll
delight her and she’ll think about you, smiling, every time she picks it
up to read or sees it on her bookshelf. Your Gemini mom will also
appreciate specially penned cards and original quotes, from YOU!


Your Traditional house-loving Mom will adore anything you choose that
reminds her of family and the past. She is notorious for being fond of
and collecting heirlooms, dishes, vintage jewelry. Think ‘the more the
merrier’ when it comes to family gatherings. Surprise her by inviting
(distant) close family and friends to a Mother’s Day Dinner that you
cater or prepare for her, and make sure there are plenty of fresh cut
flowers at her table.


Your bright sunny …ooh
so passionately creative Sun ruled Mom will shine ‘like the sun’ with
anything you create or make for her with your own hands; the more
original the better. She delights in one of a kind type ideas,
especially bright ‘Art work’ that she can display in her home from her
favorite or local artist. She loves wearable art and coupled with her
favorite gift of music—-WOW!! Rock her world this mother’s day with
an ITUNES gift card.


Your beautiful —Oh so
practical, yet, versatile sweet mom will enjoy that you considered her
kitchen needs for ease!! The latest kitchen gadget or appliance with all
the bells and whistles in the area of cooking that she enjoys most,
will have her eyes batting feverishly. She will adore you thinking of
her special culinary needs and routine, and of course, anything to help her stay
organized will be a hit!


Pamper your Venus
ruled Mom by planning something special that is all about her, such as a
dinner, party or event where she is able to enjoy her favorite foods,
music and friends. Present her with a bouquet of roses or her favorite
flowers and tickets to a wildly romantic movie featuring her favorite
actors. She’ll also enjoy a special Mother’s Day card written by you.


Think EO’s or Essential Oils as a way to get your Plutonian Mom worked
up into a bubble of babbling bursting fun!! She is a bit of a botanical
freak and will love unique plants and flowers and simply anything
relative to nature; water and natural resource remedies concoctions and
potions. She’ll appreciate indulging her senses in aroma therapeutic
oils and bath products that provide mind, body and soul healing. A SPA
gift certificate? I think SO!!


shows, parties and shopping sprees!! Anything you choose will be well
received with utter JOY and gratitude. It’s hard to displease (unless
you just forget about her—-yikes!!) your Jupiter ruled “Dr. Feelgood”
Mom. She is a burst of Sunshine most days with a wit, charm and grace
that will steal the show at any gathering. Plan a special brunch with a
distant friend or family member she has not seen in awhile. She will be
flattered and you’ll make a memorable impression that she’ll remember


Your hardworking Saturn ruled Mom
is all about honor, grace and recognition. Surprise her with your
genuine devotion by gifting her a book of poetry relative to your
feelings of Love and Appreciation. She will glow in the dark when
presented with a collection of fine stemware. Crystal, of
course—champagne and wine glasses, etc., along with a gift certificate
to her favorite wine and cheese store will have her eyes twinkling.
Remember to pen your own Mother’s Day card, she’ll be dazzled (and take
the credit) for your classic good form.


premier attention by offering up accolades to you Uranus ruled Mom will
have her feeling loved and adored all day long. She is about ‘words of
affirmation’ and the more the better. Consider doing a tribute to Mom
video from and OF you, of course, and send to your Mom’s smart phone.
She will look at it constantly and show all her friends, and probably
post it on FB and even in the front yard if she can find a way…one
thing for sure, she’ll keep it forever. Oh and to really dazzle her
delights, a funny card and gift certificate with your selfie video will
truly make her day complete!


Your ‘live in
fantasy world’ Neptune ruled Mom is all about ‘exactly that’ FANTASY!!
Take her to a magic show or better yet, learn how to perform magic or
card tricks ‘just for her’. Enlighten her mood allowing her to know how
much she is loved by gifting her something soft and luxurious, a
beautiful plush throw for her sofa or bed and accent pillows to match.
She’ll also love joining you at the movies for a tear jerker or
something over the top sentimental. Your Mom will adore anything
otherworldly or uniquely created just for her. A fun gift certificate
for an Astrological or Psychic reading is always welcomed.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Happy Merc Retro 4.28.16 Thursday!!

Mercury stationed at 10:19am., (eastern) starting a 24-day retrograde phase in Taurus.
What does all this mean for you? Call me and let’s talk about it!
Everyone is independently and uniquely, albeit–positively affected.
Even when some things that occur may not be a part of your original
plan. The esoteric meaning for this particular retrograde will require
re-‘Thinking’ values and priorities, truly reconsidering how to best
‘invest’ your precious time and energy. ~

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Image result for mercury retrograde quotes



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