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Three Common Questions

Ladies, never ask a man these three common questions:

1. How do you feel about me?
2. Where is this going?
3. Are you serious about ‘us’?

These three common questions will indeed have an adverse affect on your relationship.

Of course you want to know where you are and where the two of you are heading.

Where you are heading has to do with how you make him feel, not about length of time you two have been together.  ‘How you make him feel’… starts in the beginning—-not three months down the road.

If you are in a relationship with a man and ‘need’ to ask these questions, then your relationship is suffering from serious communication issues that must be remedied.
Asking the above questions will most definitely create an adverse affect—that you are more likely than not, ‘unprepared to deal with’.

At best, those three little questions, will have a ‘less than positive effect’ on your continued romantic relationship. And not due to anything that he’s thinking about those questions. But more importantly, it’s about how you begin to behave when he fails to answer them the way you ‘believe he should’ answer them.

Your unmet expectations to those three questions could ultimately be ‘the end of your relationship’ due to the attitude you develop based on your unmet expectations.

In brief he will more likely than not ‘withdraw’.

Suddenly, a host of insecurities begin to build within you, and generally speaking your relationship suddenly goes into a death spiral where recovery could occur—-if either of you ‘knew’ the couple communication method of recovery. In this case nothing short of proper communication skills —or conflict resolution skills are required for swift recovery.

Ladies, when you enter a relationship—-you have an agenda of what you want need and desire for yourself. What you want, need and desire for yourself has nothing to do with that man sitting in front of you on your first, second or third date—-of your budding relationship. Even if you do not know just yet, if ‘the man’ sitting in front of you is ‘the one’—-you know what you want ‘for you’—whether you’re out just casual dating with whomever, or you’re seeking a committed relationship resulting in marriage. You have an agenda for yourself—-regardless who the guy is sitting across from you.

Keeping a man ‘out of your bed’ will keep you in ‘his head’… Communicating with a man while he’s pursuing you —–in the way that makes him feel ‘good about himself’ will move you from his head to his heart. ~

A man decides he wants to be with you, and ONLY YOU, and make a real commitment to you, by how YOU make him feel.

The length of time you two have been together does not matter. It can be one, two or three months, or one or two years. It does not matter! There is not a series of events in a man’s mind that he literally or figuratively checks off —-speaking to him suggesting …”well, it is time now, and I need to commit” to her.

Therefore, Ladies, refrain from asking those questions. Rather, make it clear when you initially meet… or at least before you ever become intimate with a man—-what you want for yourself insofar as a romantic relationship is concerned. Secondly, if he’s worth your time, energy and effort, then learn how to communicate with him ‘in that special way’ that will ‘move you from his head to his heart’—-where there are only two specific women in his life—-for life: His Mother and the woman to whom he gives his heart.

If a man is pursuing you and you like him a lot, don’t make the mistake of taking over his role and pursuing or initiating with him—-be the flirty, fun, emotionally connected, enthusiastic responder. Avoid sleeping with him—until you know you are ready for the emotional consequences of such.

Men are natural born hunters. They will go after what they want. If you want ‘him’—–make sure you let him know you want him by ‘how you communicate with him’—-and this means, know what makes him tick, tock and rock, and in that, you will know how to make him feel loved, special and ultimately enamored with ‘ONLY YOU’.

How he feels… when he is with you, interacting with you and around you—-will most definitely ‘move him’… toward, close and comfy with you and—-moving him to the point of wanting you in his life and with him, ‘forever after’. <3
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Romantic Sabotage: FEAR

Wanting, needing and desiring…love in your life and then doing everything humanly possible (possibly even lying thru your teeth—to yourself and to your new potential partner) to RUN AWAY as fast as you can— just at the time when you are about to settle into couple-hood—is more common than one may think. Sabotaging new love is most often a surreptitious act on one or both parties within the relationship.The idea of having to change your day to day routine, or lifestyle, daily habits or even your clothes, hygiene, etc., on a regular basis can be rather emotionally alarming, or just too much trouble. The path of least resistance leaves you always wanting, and never having.

Are you an ‘I Can do it all Myself’ —taking on much more responsibility than is rightfully yours in your relationship/partnership? Or perhaps you are someone who believes… “I Can’t do it or live by Myself”— the counter to the former stated belief of being overly independent to seriously dependent. Both are indicative behaviors of sabotage.

Maybe you are the type who is afraid that you CAN have or possibly get what you want? You want a partner in life whom is the perfect match for you to live happily ever after. Suddenly that person shows up and you become the queen or king of nit-picking every little trait that makes them ‘human’ … such as he snorts when he laughs, or her toes are so long they look like fingers?

Yes, you will have to change. And one or several, perhaps many or all (over time) of your deepest darkest weird-ass secrets may very well be found out! Surprise, SURPRISE!! Yet, to be the partner you must become for the love of your life —- your partner in and for life—-will take some adjustment and behavior modification.

Emotional integrity is what creates emotional intimacy, and those two ingredients are the foundation of all true healthy relationships that ultimately foster long term Trust and Loyalty, creating real committed love. It’s human nature and so much easier to ‘want’ what you can’t have. And once you have something you want, or thought you wanted, a little fear creeps in. Fear is a natural human emotion—-although more often times than not, unwarranted, at best romantically speaking, destructive.

Love is about the respected safety between two people to share, care, honor and forgive. If these four characteristics are not present—-it’s not love.

Rather than allow the fears to ‘get to you’ and cause you to run—-bring them into the light with your partner, open up and talk about them. The vulnerability between you will allow you both to be ’emotionally naked’, while fully dressed… helping you to relax and enjoy the bond you’re creating vs. the fear you are harboring.~

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Forward Motion: Directing your Path

Mercury, Venus and the Moon!!

Now that Mercury (Mercury rules all forms of communication) is
direct and we’re heading into a more ‘stable’ communication style, in
every sense of the word, it’s time to take a look at whom you are, what you
want, and how you want it… and this includes how you ‘talk to yourself’ or … your ‘self talk’.

The Libra moon, over the next couple days, allows for a much more emotionally smooth flow of communication. Intrigue, trust & balance are all
emotionally harmonic today, with the Sun, Moon & Venus happily
mixing personalities, juggling ideas. By mid to late afternoon, early
evening, you’ll find yourself in the center or at least on the fringe of
creating a wonderful souffle of happy hour chattiness that allows
feelings of security and validation.

This takes me into examining
VENUS (Love) and our Emotions, (MOON). Venus is the ruler of Libra. The
Moon rules our emotions. Are you finding it hard to get yourself in
gear and live your life the way you truly desire? Perhaps you’re
finding it difficult to resist something you want, (that may or may not
be good for you) or even finding it hard to resist someone in your life? Perhaps
what you’re having difficulty with now is trying to decide what it is
that you are truly looking for in life?

Maybe you feel lost, or
unsettled…disconnected from the familiar? It’s possible that what
you’re experiencing or have been dealing with are unhealed wounds, or
out-moded thinking. Perhaps the truth is that you are insecure, or
feeling inferior in some way, due to how you may see yourself, although
based more about the past, than the present. Outdated attitudes, maybe
antiquated political or (living in the past) emotional positions that
you’re clinging to—-create confusion within that no longer really fits
whom you are, or whom you’ve become. You’ve grown in many ways,
especially spiritually and emotionally, and it’s time to take a look at
whom you’ve become, what you truly believe and whom you stand for.

Has life shown you something about yourself ‘now’ that perhaps you
didn’t know, even a year ago? Because you’ve grown, matured, or perhaps
circumstances prevail now, in a way that has allowed you to have more
compassion, for both yourself and others. Chances are you’ve changed
your mind—-about many things, & suddenly there is less
gray—-your position may be more black & white, at least on one or
two things that you were (maybe even a year ago) on the fence about.
Suddenly thinking ‘differently’ about something, whether it’s yourself,
career, family, friends, lifestyle, geographic location, your closest
personal relationship, your marriage, etc., can be quite mind boggling,
creating feelings of despair—-and you need/want clarification.

Not a better time than today, the most balanced mid-late week day we may possibly have as we wrap up January 2016, to get a handle on things.

Time to get another perspective, get on track & know who you are,
whom you’ve become, where you’re heading—-as you launch full-blown
into 2016. Knowing that you’re heading in the ‘right direction’, of the
goals you’ve set for the coming year can be settling, motivating and
inspiring. Call me let’s talk about your opportunities in February and
March, and into the second quarter. You’ll be astounded how this month
ending can be either a stabilizer, producing good fruit for the coming
months ahead, or be a chaos producer, taking you one step fwd. &
two steps back!

Depending on how you go about ‘seeing’ yourself, as well
as your vast opportunities, or perhaps ‘missing them’— takes a moment to reflect. It’s up to you
to set your short, mid and long term goals, and be able to clearly ‘see
them’, allowing you to ‘act on them’. It’s your choice, and it’s all
about timing. And of course, God’s timing is always ‘perfect’, and it’s
the perfect time to set your life in motion to achieve the life He
intends for you to live! ~

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Your Heart Matters

Relational Responsibility — literally means being prepared to
‘feel’ and ‘deal’ with every emotion and need that you have—-as well
as be prepared to ‘be there’ and listen to and care for the emotional
and physical and perhaps financial and basic other needs—– of your
partner, as well. That’s BIG… really BIG!!

Are you really ready?

Sure you want a relationship, or at least you think and believe you do
‘today’. If we’re honest—most of us will admit to wanting and desiring
the emotional ups and joy that goes along with falling in love—-
while entertaining the ‘honey moon’ phase of your new romantic
relationship. Yet, I do not know a single person, (not even myself) who
will jump at the opportunity to experience the emotional lows that
ultimately go with the ‘highs’ ( what goes up—must come down) of your
new romantic relationship —-even though we all will say— “Oh yes, I
know our relationship is not perfect, neither of us are perfect—- and
we’re going to have to deal with both good and bad, after all, that’s
life… Right?

Well, yes,
that is correct—-that’s life! And… what we say and what we believe,
what we do and how we behave—- ‘during this euphoric state’ of New
Love is absolutely all different than what we truly want to fantasize, will be. We can intellectually admit and agree, that it is in this state, we are in
serious romantic ‘Honeymoon High’ denial.

We are not at all
thinking in a rational or logical mindset when we say we are truly
prepared and emotionally equipped to deal with the multitude of
emotional downs and all the responsibilities associated with the
lifestyle changes of joining together with another person to consider,
worry about, be there for and deal with in our daily operations of
simply living life. And we all can attest to this fact—by the break up
and divorce stats among couples within the first two years.

three, six, twelve, eighteen to twenty-four month transition is not
going to be ‘smooth sailing’ but it doesn’t have to be a crazy rocky
road—–if both people will lower their expectations, and raise YOUR
OWN STANDARDS of Becoming the Partner —to your partner—that you
desire him/her to be, to you—-and doing this ‘NOW’ before you meet Mr.
or Ms. Onederful!!

Chances are, (hopefully) allowing the
paragraph above to deeply resonate within your core — will cause you
to ‘step back’ a moment—right now—-and truly consider the ‘full’
depth of emotional responsibility and physical commitment you are going
to be responsible for —-to both your partner and to yourself.

Please take a moment and ‘STOP’ right now—-and think about your
decision of making the choice to begin a new relationship today. Your
decision to begin or commit to a full blown romantic relationship is a
life altering experience—- that —-because another human heart is
involved, must be taken seriously.~

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First Date Frenzies

First date frenzies… the craziness affects us all one way or another. Every
relationship begins with a ‘first’ meeting or introduction of some type. Whether it’s a
random ‘physical or virtual’ introduction—-leading into a planned
physical connection, or actual ‘first date’—firsts are firsts and both male
and female have thoughts—and panic attacks, cold and hot sweats… etc… (lol) along the same lines about ‘the first date’.

Will he or she like me? Will we have fun? Will I like him or her and
will we have a second date? The next questions that follow are generally in this order: Will there be mutual Attraction? Sexual Chemistry? Emotional Connection? Will we have Sex?

With on line dating services, apps, etc. online meeting and greeting is
quite the norm. For young adults, especially anyone born post cold war,
(1990) are aware only of high tech communication in a fast paced world
of ‘instant’ gratification.

That said, there are some things
where the ‘process’ is vitally important—- and must ‘take time’. A
healthy, happy, emotionally connected intimate relationship—is one of
those things. An authentically ‘healthy and happy’ romantic relationship
indeed takes time—–and has little to do, if anything… with ‘sex’
on the first date or not. Sex on the first date has to do with
individual comfort zone and each individual moral compass, mutual
attraction and shared comfort and safety level.

Love has nothing to do with sex.

Sex has nothing to do with love.

Mutual attraction has everything to do with a budding romance and is
‘the conduit’ to developing a mutually enjoyed romantic relationship
with the man or woman with whom you fall in love.

yourselves time to explore ‘whom you both are’, each to the other
without feeling pressured or pressuring the other for immediate sexual
gratification. If there is mutual attraction, then eventually there will
be sexual gratification. That’s a given, I promise you!

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Crazy Love

What is Crazy Love??

NO doubt
we all know about and have (at least one time or another) entered into that whirlwind ‘crazy love’ with someone whom we just meet. Whether on line or randomly in a bar, or at the office, grocery store, gas station, in flight, sporting event, wedding, funeral, or even at the hospital visiting a sick or elderly relative—–CRAZY LOVE—-can and does occur just about any place and at any time, socially appropriate or ‘not’. I’ll have to admit, it’s Crazy Fun to experience ‘Crazy Love’—-as all of you who will admit to such frivolity will attest to same.

How do we know when we’ve entered into Crazy Love? More oftentimes than not, there are specific symptoms associated with this cray cray sort of utopia that has us feeling as though we can jump from tall buildings with a single bound, climb the highest mountain and sail the roughest seas. Not to rain on your lovely parade of emotional bliss, please bear with me a moment, and together let’s get real in this cray cray elation… as you and I both know that all that you’re experiencing in this very moment, is more likely than not going to eventually crash and burn due to the heightened sense of nirvana —-hitting the top way before it’s time—- and we must prepare for this crash landing back to reality.

Below are 10 TRUE SIGNS you’ve entered into the total spin-crazy-new love zone!!

CRAZY new LOVE… it’s yummy good, sensually delicious and a bit on the wild side of the social norm. But… do not worry, I’m available everyday—-call me anytime. I promise you that you will recover… or head off to Vegas or perhaps I’ll see you two over here for barefoot in the sand steamy nuptials?? Ooh la la…

1. YOU are over the top smitten, thinking about Him/Her every single waking minute. Thoughts like, is she/he thinking about me? Is SHE or HE ‘the one’?? From the moment s/he begins communication with you, you think about him/her all day long—- barely able to focus on anything else. Suddenly, friends, family, school and even work, kids etc., are ummmm, on simmer while you’re sizzling! It’s a constant desire to interact at some level with this Prince or Princess and to know that HE/SHE feels same about you.

2. You want to text, talk and stay connected (at the hip) focused on your phone and ‘only them’ all day and all night long! And oftentimes, you do text, talk, remain connected ALL day and ALL Nite.

3. You search for love songs and poems, and so want to share and send and suggest—your every waking thought. Your heart races at even just looking at his/her name, and picture. Text messages are read repeatedly, your stomach gets upset due to your emotional overdrive—-thinking about how much you just want to talk, text, touch, kiss and smell him/her, and just feel them close to you. You just need to know what they are thinking and if and what they are thinking about you. You are so crazy happy that you just want to SCREAM glittery stars of magic love dust into the air and fly to the Moon, Mars or Venus, immediately.

4. ALL that made you sad, unhappy, scared, upset or angry ‘yesterday’—–suddenly does not matter today. In fact, the only thing that mattered yesterday is that you made it here to experience this amazing new day filled with images of your NEW LOVE that feels better than any wine, food, drug or sex you’ve ever had, or any other experience you’ve ever had—it’s just making you feel CRAZY!! You are riddled with delectably intoxicating, indulgent and utterly crazy emotionally exhausting feelings that race and rage, and range from 0-60-0 and it feels so good and scary HOTT and NOT and totally Cray Cray … CRAZY, all at the same time.

5. YOUR heart stops and CAN barely BREATHE when your phone alerts you of text or calls, or their name is mentioned. You find yourself feeling confident one moment and lacking all confidence the next. Every ten minutes you feel a mood swing directly related to your new romantic attraction and this Crazy Love cycle continues until suddenly… someone fails to continue this Crazy Love manic marathon emotive pattern of communicative connectivity.

6. You want to give your new love expensive gifts that are totally inappropriate for ‘new love’.

7. In your mind you create magic. The future becomes a vivid manifestation of bliss. You think about how being with them will be once you’re married.

8. Throwing all caution to the wind, everything now is … ‘We’ are going to do this, that and the other… you even tell your best friend, sister or even a few close colleagues <—(bad idea!! lol) that you’re going to get married.

9. You scribble your first name with his last name all over everything with hearts around it and you decide it’s time to get a new email with your name and his last name (today) just to make sure that when you do marry, it’s still available. (It’s ok, don’t cringe with embarrassment , many have done this (I promise you) and no one is judging you. OK!! lol)

10. Suddenly you find yourself shopping for expensive, bordering extravagant cute sexy clothes, housewares and especially boudoir furnishing and attire—-way beyond your means—-and you are so OK with your new found financial (life long savings or plastic) freedom and desire for luxury creature comforts—- because of course, you’ll soon be married and you won’t need your savings account because you’ll have his or hers!! <3


If you are experiencing one or more of the above signs of CRAZY LOVE, don’t panic. Should your balloon suddenly become deflated, I promise you that you will recover, that is an absolute. The best part about this is that you had the guts to let go and experience this wonderful event, and if you’re a hopeful romantic, (like me) then this won’t be the last time of such juicy craziness. New Crazy Love will most definitely, at least for you, become a recurring delightful addictive disease. <3

I’m just a phone call away, and available everyday.

Dr. Daija 800.275.5336 Ext. 32452

I look forward to talking with you!! <3

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Unleash the power of your Dreams

The most interesting, (Saturn/Neptune) prophetic recurring dream occurred last night—and this is the first time I’ve ever shared this particular dream with ‘anyone’. Today, I am spiritually compelled to share my dream with you, and I pray your life will be blessed by my doing so. Likewise, I invite you to please share with me, a particular, perhaps recurring dream that you’ve experienced, and how you’ve changed your life by perhaps better understanding the deep spiritually prophetic message of your dream.

It was early dawn, the sun had not yet rose… although it was not yet, completely light. The sky was gray with several hues of purple and smokey pink—-as I lay across a wood railroad track, in a trance-like twilight state, I could hear the birds chirping, along with familiar early morning sounds. I was not tied to the track, yet, my body seemed heavy, listless. My physical state nearly paralyzed; overwhelmed with lethargy. Barefoot, wiggling my toes against the cool metal tracks, my ankles felt stiff. I was wearing a white gown, my hair was long, as I noticed messy pale blonde strands, mixed with golden brown locks, tumbling about my shoulders, swirling my dress and over the side of the railroad track.

I began to feel a rumbling of the ground beneath me. I recall seeing a bright light in the distance, I tried to move, although, it was so difficult to move… my arms and legs so heavy… I heard a loud whistling noise, the rumble began to shake my body, the vivid light dancing in my eyes. My mind hazy, yet, somehow I knew I needed to move, to roll, to roll away from the hard metal and wood tracks, but I could not do it——I just wanted to go back to sleep.

Louder… the piercing whistle, the rumbling now shaking me… I took the deepest breath, taking in to my lungs God’s mighty energy, screaming as I exhaled—-simultaneously feeling my body being literally forced off the tracks….rolling and rolling and rolling into the wooded area. Stopping suddenly in cool bare rocky dirt. Slowly, I became conscious of my breath, opening my eyes to the same beautiful pink gray backlit sky… I was alive, I’m breathing… I’m safe and I’m free…” were my thoughts, my spiritual epiphany.

I awoke, suddenly. Sat up, sweating… and thrilled to learn that this near death experience was merely a dream—–thank God… yet, what did it all mean?

I’ve studied dreams, for many years, and practice dream interpretation. To briefly sum up my own dream—-I believe this particular dream means that—-‘Finally’ ….I am free, to live. Free of any and all curses, all bondage, conscious &/or sub-conscious, all negative that has perhaps bound me in some specific way. This dream is a revelation to me that now, finally, I have let go of any and all burdens, pain and past suffering, in my life—-allowing me to finally move on, and without emotional block or any perceived restriction—-now, live my full potential in all areas of my life, personally, professionally and romantically. ~

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TOUCH Me… Please!!

Stay Close & Connected with physical touch. Close your eyes and
reflect for a moment… remember how it felt the first time you held the
hand of your new love? That first ‘touch’ … Ooh the yummy
electricity… when you felt the warmth of magic in the touch of your
new boyfriend/girlfriend —-and in just holding hands!!

yes… is there anything that feels better or allows you to feel more
connected than ‘Physical Touch’? We kiss and hug each other hello and
good bye, and cuddle a bit after sex,
hold hands while taking a walk, or at the movie. Taking time to brush up
against him/her, ‘lightly’ or stroke his/her arm in passing while
preparing dinner together or while watching TV, sends a very special,
‘you’re important’ to me, and I love you ‘MESSAGE’.

Another way to increase romantic feelings along with foster those I
love you instincts, is massage. Massaging the back of your partner’s
neck, or shoulders, even stroking his/her thigh gently when sitting
close releases the “Love Hormone”, Oxytocin.

These little warm
fuzzy touches tell your partner, that you are there, and that you ‘care’
about them in a special way beyond how you care and show affection
towards others. Being affectionate toward each other speaks volumes
about how ‘open’ and close you are & will remain, letting her/him
know how much s/he is appreciated. Touching each other in sweet kind,
gentle ways fosters closeness and triggers those feel-good hormones
reinforcing your instinctual loving connection.

Enjoy this beautiful Friday Halloween-eve crisp autumn evening and remember to hold hands… and Have Fun!

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That One Girl…

… whom you let get away!!

Every guy has that ‘one girl’ —in his dating life whom he continues to think about —possibly even 40 years later. This is that one girl whom you fancied, cherished, sought after and failed at making her ‘yours’. Why is that?

There are a number of reasons why every guy experiences this— ‘the one girl whom I let get away’—phenomena and thankfully it’s generally early in a man’s life before he’s able to realize the treasure he actually had in his life, or kept —making her his wife for life.

Ten reasons why (based on scientific studies as well as the hundreds of thousands of personal conversations with men over the years) men will continue to experience this very interesting heart breaking, perhaps gut wrenching ‘the girl that got away’ …

 1. Relational Immaturity. You are a savvy young handsome relationally insecure and immature guy, (not by choice, of course, it’s just a fact) you were never taught how to emotionally communicate with the opposite sex. Therefore, you failed to make her feel secure in the relationship with you by telling her your emotional truth about your real feelings for her and/or how she made you feel. A woman’s two primary needs are:
a. Emotionally open Communication and
b. Security.

 2. Feelings of Inferiority. You compared her to other women, (you don’t mean to, but it’s natural to do so) and whether or not you are able to fess up and admit it—-you also compared yourself to other men, and then even to her. Feeling you could perhaps never ‘measure up’ …she makes more money than you, she could have any guy out there, someone richer, smarter, more handsome, etc., her last boyfriend drove a Porche… yada yada, yada… and so you just quit trying.

 3. Lack of appreciation. She’s beautiful, intelligent, sexy and fun—-not to mention independent, and savvy.  She does all kinds of stuff for me, and so, she prob does and or says this to all the guys. There are a lot of girls like that in the world and so, why does she need me or anything from me? She can do her own thing and she’s just too much. Maybe even demands or expects too much. I will just have to try too too hard—-she takes up way too much of my time, effort and/or energy.

 4. Comparing her to another girl. She’s got great… legs—- or her laugh makes me nuts, or I love her sensual voice but Twinkle toes has the best or better, this, that or the other… plus, the other is more fun every now and again… and so is this and that —with the other(s).

 5. Fear of losing the freedom of dating other women. To commit to ‘one woman’ for the rest of your life making a vow to never again sleep with another woman other than the one you have right in front of you is a very scary thing. Although—-it does not have to be if she is ‘the right One God intended for you’… the sex only gets better, and I promise you this! 😉

 6. Taking your girlfriend for granted. Please, thank you and appreciating all the little things—-is important, and giving her words of affirmation, taking interest in her needs, wants and desires are indeed important. Her needs wants and desires must be “at least” as important to you as your needs, wants and desires are ‘to you’.

 7. False sense of security. She loves me and I have nothing to worry about, after all, she texts and calls me a dozen times a day and always wants me with her. I need some time with the guys or whatever, and I do not need to answer to her. She doesn’t need to know why I’m taking this time for me, or where I am or whom I’m with… let her worry about it a little.

 8. She didn’t really ‘get away from you’, because she was never really yours in the first place. This fantasy gal you have in your head whom you’ve never spoken to… although you see her everyday in the elevator or at Starbucks, or on the subway… she is your ideal, and in your heart, mind and soul, she is or was yours. The problem is that you’ve never had the courage to actually ever utter a single ‘hello’… not even so much as a caveman grunt…

 9. Deception. You lied. Cheated, etc. Ok it happens. She was even perhaps willing to forgive you. But you couldn’t get over yourself. (She didn’t lie or cheat, or at least you never caught her doing so, so let’s get real here, if she would have, it’s unlikely you would be pining away for her now with the idea of believing and labeling her as ‘The Girl whom you let Get away’) Ok, sure —as I’ve learned to accept that all things are possible. But… don’t kid yourself, if she was the liar or cheater, you can bet she’s out lying and cheating with someone else —so in essence you are better off… so dude, it’s time to get over yourself, move on and stop this self-loathing non-sense.

10. You are not into monogamy type relationships, but you want every woman whom you meet to ‘think’ and believe that you are because that is the only way she will ever sleep with you. As you ponder and think back you recall this one particular sweet thing that you could not resist and she still haunts you as ‘the one whom you let get away’!

Actually, I’m not at all surprised that you are dauntingly haunted by this sweet little thought. Of course, this type repeated one or two nite interaction on a continuum could fall under deception—and it is of course, emotional manipulation, at best. Yet, this type situation is something that I find quite interesting and I do believe is properly defined as a relationship. Whether you agree with me or not—-is irrelevant. The fact is, regardless of the type and style of your entanglement/relationship with another person, it is in fact by definition a ‘relationship’ of some type, and must be defined as such. Therefore, I do not blame you gents for sampling—-should you meet up with a gal and there is off the charts physical chemistry and she is ready and willing to immediately attend the mattress ball, with you. After all a child in a candy store without proper supervision will indeed sample and actually take or ‘steal’ the candy —and he will do so as often as the situation allows—due to the fact that what he is desirous of i.e.; ‘FREE CANDY’ cannot be resisted—-and if she lingers in your heart, mind and soul, for eternity, well then…ya win some, ya lose some, and in this physical sampling case…
the choice is indeed yours.

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Do you really want… THE TRUTH?

We all say, yes, please… tell me the truth!! But… are we really prepared to hear—truth?
Meaning are you prepared to hear someone tell you the truth and are you truly ready to ‘accept’ what you hear? Or are your nearly paralyzed in fear?

Interestingly enough, in my practice, I run into this phenomena frequently. Please tell me what you see, and tell me the truth, please!!  Or perhaps it goes something like this… what I see, intuitively—or perhaps the energy patterns are about moving through a time of what appears to be a struggling time ahead and the right preparation is required—-and I am sure that what I am seeing—- is not necessarily what I believe my client wants to hear—-and I will predicate with… “Are you calling me because you want me to be honest with you regarding what I see’?

99% of the time, I get “yes, I want the truth please, otherwise I would not be calling you…

..yet, 90% of the time, the same person who told me they wanted to hear the truth, also wants to argue with me, about what I am seeing… or tell me how surprised they are to hear such, because I do not see it the same way they do or the same way another advisor sees things. First of all, it’s important that you understand that our relationship, yours and mine is unique. And what I see for you, and what someone else sees for you and/or what you see for yourself, is likely very different. No two people are the same, therefore no two relationships are the same—–and ours once we experience our initial introduction is in fact, a ‘relationship’. Your energy and my energy together creates something completely different and unique than you and someone else. And the same is applicable to me, my energy with you is completely different and unique than it is with someone else.

I have been in my practice full time since 1992, and part-time since 1980. In my practice, I am not about entertainment—for the sake of entertaining my clients, or myself. Yes, I love to have fun, and we can have a lot of fun together looking into your natal and progressed chart as well as intuitively discussing your relationship to work, family, friends—-and even looking into your relationship with yourself, or to food, money, stress, anger, etc., and of course, it’s always interesting and truly a learning experience to peer into all your romantic relationships. After all we are truly all seeking ‘Love’. It’s the human condition.

But… IF you want frivolous entertainment and fairytales, then make popcorn and tune into ShowTime!! (wink)

Fortunately, there is a lot of healthy ‘real’ entertaining information that certainly goes along with getting together and talking about life on a daily basis. I am sure you’ll agree, that everything in life —-is just a little bit funny. :)) Especially when we consider human nature and how we as humans respond and react to prevailing energies in our daily, weekly and monthly cycle of life.

It is most certainly a lot of fun together looking at your planetary energy patterns, and allowing my intuitive skills to create your story around those patterned planetary puzzle pieces and links called ‘aspects’ and ‘transits’ —-that are actually manifesting energy every moment of every day in all areas of our lives. Focusing in on those particular areas of primary interest to you, is truly my blessing, gift and passion.

Calling me is going to reveal ‘truth’ in the areas you desire to talk about and discuss—allowing you to work toward getting more of what you want, rather than less. Therefore, consider the truth to be a blessing, as it is only with the truth that a real and viable solution is possible.

For most of us want peace, happiness, security, joy and most of all contentment on a continuum —-and in that we must be prepared to face and deal with things that are going on in our lives that disallow us to have what we truly want.

The blocks in your life that are currently creating struggles or burdens that you would prefer to avoid dealing with—-are those areas in your life that you truly must deal with effectively in order to experience a happier and healthier life and life style.

Fortunately, these areas will be revealed and clear to me, enabling you— once exposed, accepted, discussed, and effectively remedied —-will speak truth—by allowing you to enjoy something better, healthier, happier and joyful in your life and in whatever area of life most troubling for you right now.

Truth? I say, nothing but ‘THE TRUTH’… will set you free!!

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