Is Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Asking You To Send Sexy Pics Of You By Cell Phone?

Surely we feel flattered that our partners want  to have sexy pics of us, it shows how sexually attractive we are for them while it contributes to growing desire and awaken arousal while distant. In fact, it is so common exchanging hot pics, mainly among teens, that it even has a name “sexting”.

The question is: How safe it is to send our hottest pics attached to a text message? As a first answer, following common sense, do that only if it is a serious, stable relationship and if you are completely secure of your boyfriend´s/girlfriend´s maturity to protect your intimacy no matter what.

Why do I say so?  Well, haven´t you heard of cases of couples breaking up and one of them posting the hottest pics of their exes on the social networks? Then, if you have a trustworthy partner, before sending your sexiest images, be sure that no one else but your loved one ever uses or answers his/her cell phone. Imagine if his/her mother, best friend or colleague, for example, kindly answers the phone for him/her? And  if your dear love is the type that keeps forgetting the cell phone at the office or on top of the restaurants tables, just forget the idea! But if you still want to send your sexy pics, make sure to verify the contact name of your own phone before clicking the send button! article 14

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