Is It Really Necessary To Count With Our Parents, Kids or Friends Approval?

Imagine that all of a sudden, you meet this astounding person that fills your heart with joy, he/she makes you feel as a teenager anxious for the date, as if it were the first one, each time. You feel live, rejuvenated, passionate, and feel you finally met your other half.  One day, you consider it is time to introduce him/her to you parents, kids and friends. They will love him too because they haven´t seen you so happy before! But then, the opposite happens. They don´t like your loved one, they don´t approve the relationship, they think

He/she is not right for you. Now, what? Being adults we do not need their permission and we have the right to make our own choices and seek our happiness or make our own mistakes. So, do we need their approval? We don´t, it is true, it is our life and we are free to choose and face what tomorrow will bring.  But, if going against their approval may imply having to separate from our parents or kids, such decision should be really given much thought. Will you be able to enjoy your happiness without them? Are you sure you will not transfer the blame of that separation to your partner? Maybe their opposition is transitory and they may later change their minds, but if not…give it some thoughts, will you be able to live your relationship in plenitude over time? The answer varies depending on each personality, so analyze yourself and they way you may find happiness. article 1

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