Sexual Identity Or Sexual Orientation Struggle?

Sometimes people that have always kept a heterosexual sexuality start feeling sexually attracted to someone of their same gender and this sets an alarm in many of them. Quite often, a man suddenly feeling attraction for another man starts doubting about his own masculinity. And this is a mistake since having doubts about our sexual orientation has nothing to do with questioning our sexual identity. Our sexual identity means we are sure of our own gender, we know we are a woman or man, we identify ourselves with the gender that our sexual organs and overall body express, no matter our sexual preferences or orientation. So, you may have orientation struggles and that may lead you to mistakenly question your identity. You can be a woman/man and be homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, that shouldn´t affect your identity. If it does, it may imply you are rejecting your sexual orientation probably for cultural or religious prejudices and that may be awakening in you a sense of self-rejection.  There is nothing wrong about being homo or bisexual, in fact a big percentage of heterosexuals at some point feel attracted to someone of their same sex or even have sex. There is nothing wrong, but you need to realize and accept your desires. But, if what happens is that you do not identify yourself with your body, feel uncomfortable with it, the issue is more difficult to deal with and seeking professional counseling is recommended. No matter what you sexual identity or sexual orientation maybe, no one will really appreciate and love you if you do not appreciate and love yourself. article 19

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