Stay Close and Connected

Remember how it felt the first time your new boyfriend/girlfriend held your hand?

Yes… ahhhh, is there anything that feels better or allows you to feel more connected that ‘Physical Touch’?  We kiss and hug each other hello and good bye, and cuddle a bit after sex, hold hands while taking a walk, or at the movie. Taking time to brush up against him/her, ‘lightly’ or stroke his/her arm in passing while preparing dinner together or while watching TV, sends a very special, ‘you’re important’ to me, and I love you ‘MESSAGE’.

Another way to increase romantic feelings along with foster those I love you instincts, is massage. Massaging the back of your partner’s neck, or shoulders, even stroking his/her thigh gently when sitting close releases the “Love Hormone”, oxytocin.

These little warm fuzzy touches tell your partner, that you are there, and that you ‘care’ about them in a special way beyond how you care and show affection towards others. Being affectionate toward each other speaks volumes about how ‘open’ and close you are & will remain, letting her/him know how much s/he is appreciated. Touching each other in sweet kind, gentle ways fosters closeness and triggers those feel-good hormones reinforcing your instinctual loving connection.


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