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PlanetsSunAstro Daija’s Daily Schedule (Pacific Time)

  • I am available during times specified below for Arranged Calls and Call Backs.
  • Do you prefer an appointment with me? CLICK this link —PLEASE REQUEST ALL APPOINTMENTS 24 HOURS in advance. Thank you! :)
  • I sincerely appreciate appointment requests for 7AM, 8AM, 9AM or 6PM Pacific Time.

Below schedule is subject to change. All schedule changes will be posted at least 24 hours in advance and an email sent to clients.

New Schedule Hours Effective April 2013

Times below are in Pacific time

  • Monday and Friday11pm- 2pm and 6pm-10pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday –Noon – 3pm and 6pm till 10pm, Saturday and Sunday — 4pm- 10pm

Times above are posted in Pacific time.
If you live in the Eastern Time Zone then Please Add 3 hrs to the above posted times.
If you live in Central Time Zone please add 2 hrs. to the above posted times.
If you live in the Mountain time zone, please add one hour to the above posted times.
If you live in Hawai’i, please ‘SUBTRACT’ 2 hours from the times posted above during Winter & subtract 3 hours during Spring, Summer & Fall.
If you are anywhere else in the world please refer to the Time Zone conversion website (google) to convert your current time zone to pacific time zone to learn what times that I am available for calls. Thank you!!