Forward Motion: Directing your Path

Mercury, Venus and the Moon!!

Now that Mercury (Mercury rules all forms of communication) is
direct and we’re heading into a more ‘stable’ communication style, in
every sense of the word, it’s time to take a look at whom you are, what you
want, and how you want it… and this includes how you ‘talk to yourself’ or … your ‘self talk’.

The Libra moon, over the next couple days, allows for a much more emotionally smooth flow of communication. Intrigue, trust & balance are all
emotionally harmonic today, with the Sun, Moon & Venus happily
mixing personalities, juggling ideas. By mid to late afternoon, early
evening, you’ll find yourself in the center or at least on the fringe of
creating a wonderful souffle of happy hour chattiness that allows
feelings of security and validation.

This takes me into examining
VENUS (Love) and our Emotions, (MOON). Venus is the ruler of Libra. The
Moon rules our emotions. Are you finding it hard to get yourself in
gear and live your life the way you truly desire? Perhaps you’re
finding it difficult to resist something you want, (that may or may not
be good for you) or even finding it hard to resist someone in your life? Perhaps
what you’re having difficulty with now is trying to decide what it is
that you are truly looking for in life?

Maybe you feel lost, or
unsettled…disconnected from the familiar? It’s possible that what
you’re experiencing or have been dealing with are unhealed wounds, or
out-moded thinking. Perhaps the truth is that you are insecure, or
feeling inferior in some way, due to how you may see yourself, although
based more about the past, than the present. Outdated attitudes, maybe
antiquated political or (living in the past) emotional positions that
you’re clinging to—-create confusion within that no longer really fits
whom you are, or whom you’ve become. You’ve grown in many ways,
especially spiritually and emotionally, and it’s time to take a look at
whom you’ve become, what you truly believe and whom you stand for.

Has life shown you something about yourself ‘now’ that perhaps you
didn’t know, even a year ago? Because you’ve grown, matured, or perhaps
circumstances prevail now, in a way that has allowed you to have more
compassion, for both yourself and others. Chances are you’ve changed
your mind—-about many things, & suddenly there is less
gray—-your position may be more black & white, at least on one or
two things that you were (maybe even a year ago) on the fence about.
Suddenly thinking ‘differently’ about something, whether it’s yourself,
career, family, friends, lifestyle, geographic location, your closest
personal relationship, your marriage, etc., can be quite mind boggling,
creating feelings of despair—-and you need/want clarification.

Not a better time than today, the most balanced mid-late week day we may possibly have as we wrap up January 2016, to get a handle on things.

Time to get another perspective, get on track & know who you are,
whom you’ve become, where you’re heading—-as you launch full-blown
into 2016. Knowing that you’re heading in the ‘right direction’, of the
goals you’ve set for the coming year can be settling, motivating and
inspiring. Call me let’s talk about your opportunities in February and
March, and into the second quarter. You’ll be astounded how this month
ending can be either a stabilizer, producing good fruit for the coming
months ahead, or be a chaos producer, taking you one step fwd. &
two steps back!

Depending on how you go about ‘seeing’ yourself, as well
as your vast opportunities, or perhaps ‘missing them’— takes a moment to reflect. It’s up to you
to set your short, mid and long term goals, and be able to clearly ‘see
them’, allowing you to ‘act on them’. It’s your choice, and it’s all
about timing. And of course, God’s timing is always ‘perfect’, and it’s
the perfect time to set your life in motion to achieve the life He
intends for you to live! ~

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