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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May
8th., (yes, that’s this coming Sunday) and by Friday most of us — who
are fortunate enough to be blessed with our Mom (still) with us—-will
be thinking about what to do for Mom or at least planning on what
‘special’ to do or give to “Mom” or to that special someone in your life
who is a Mom, or acts as a ‘Mom’ to you or someone else.

course, all Mom’s are different and unique with all sorts of individual
tastes and styles—yet, I’ve done some of the work for you with
particular ‘gift ideas’ associated with your Mom’s particular birthday
and zodiac sign—that her special day falls within. Should you decide
to gift your Mom or that special someone who is a “Mom” —with a below gift
idea, I am certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much she
will just ‘love it’ and ‘love you’ too… for thinking of her in such a
special way on her very special day.


EXPENSIVE and exciting are two buzz words when it comes to gifting your
Mars ruled Mom! Don’t waste time on non-sense trinket stuff, make it
big, fun and exciting. A gift certificate to her favorite boutique, or
tickets to see her favorite band or live show will certainly light up
her world and her mommy life, she’ll be ecstatic too, if you join her at
one of these events.


Scrumptious, beautifully
well presented FOOD is on the agenda for your Venus ruled Mom! A
gorgeous brunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant with music,
beautiful flowers, delicious delectable desserts and of course
presenting her with a beautifully wrapped gift of her favorite perfume
or a gift certificate for a ‘SPA-Day’ will rock your Mom’s special day
with delight.


Your Intellectually stimulated
Mercury ruled Mom will hug you to the moon and back with Books, books
and more books. The latest title from your mom’s favorite author or a
book you choose for her as a keepsake from you—-either way you’ll
delight her and she’ll think about you, smiling, every time she picks it
up to read or sees it on her bookshelf. Your Gemini mom will also
appreciate specially penned cards and original quotes, from YOU!


Your Traditional house-loving Mom will adore anything you choose that
reminds her of family and the past. She is notorious for being fond of
and collecting heirlooms, dishes, vintage jewelry. Think ‘the more the
merrier’ when it comes to family gatherings. Surprise her by inviting
(distant) close family and friends to a Mother’s Day Dinner that you
cater or prepare for her, and make sure there are plenty of fresh cut
flowers at her table.


Your bright sunny …ooh
so passionately creative Sun ruled Mom will shine ‘like the sun’ with
anything you create or make for her with your own hands; the more
original the better. She delights in one of a kind type ideas,
especially bright ‘Art work’ that she can display in her home from her
favorite or local artist. She loves wearable art and coupled with her
favorite gift of music—-WOW!! Rock her world this mother’s day with
an ITUNES gift card.


Your beautiful —Oh so
practical, yet, versatile sweet mom will enjoy that you considered her
kitchen needs for ease!! The latest kitchen gadget or appliance with all
the bells and whistles in the area of cooking that she enjoys most,
will have her eyes batting feverishly. She will adore you thinking of
her special culinary needs and routine, and of course, anything to help her stay
organized will be a hit!


Pamper your Venus
ruled Mom by planning something special that is all about her, such as a
dinner, party or event where she is able to enjoy her favorite foods,
music and friends. Present her with a bouquet of roses or her favorite
flowers and tickets to a wildly romantic movie featuring her favorite
actors. She’ll also enjoy a special Mother’s Day card written by you.


Think EO’s or Essential Oils as a way to get your Plutonian Mom worked
up into a bubble of babbling bursting fun!! She is a bit of a botanical
freak and will love unique plants and flowers and simply anything
relative to nature; water and natural resource remedies concoctions and
potions. She’ll appreciate indulging her senses in aroma therapeutic
oils and bath products that provide mind, body and soul healing. A SPA
gift certificate? I think SO!!


shows, parties and shopping sprees!! Anything you choose will be well
received with utter JOY and gratitude. It’s hard to displease (unless
you just forget about her—-yikes!!) your Jupiter ruled “Dr. Feelgood”
Mom. She is a burst of Sunshine most days with a wit, charm and grace
that will steal the show at any gathering. Plan a special brunch with a
distant friend or family member she has not seen in awhile. She will be
flattered and you’ll make a memorable impression that she’ll remember


Your hardworking Saturn ruled Mom
is all about honor, grace and recognition. Surprise her with your
genuine devotion by gifting her a book of poetry relative to your
feelings of Love and Appreciation. She will glow in the dark when
presented with a collection of fine stemware. Crystal, of
course—champagne and wine glasses, etc., along with a gift certificate
to her favorite wine and cheese store will have her eyes twinkling.
Remember to pen your own Mother’s Day card, she’ll be dazzled (and take
the credit) for your classic good form.


premier attention by offering up accolades to you Uranus ruled Mom will
have her feeling loved and adored all day long. She is about ‘words of
affirmation’ and the more the better. Consider doing a tribute to Mom
video from and OF you, of course, and send to your Mom’s smart phone.
She will look at it constantly and show all her friends, and probably
post it on FB and even in the front yard if she can find a way…one
thing for sure, she’ll keep it forever. Oh and to really dazzle her
delights, a funny card and gift certificate with your selfie video will
truly make her day complete!


Your ‘live in
fantasy world’ Neptune ruled Mom is all about ‘exactly that’ FANTASY!!
Take her to a magic show or better yet, learn how to perform magic or
card tricks ‘just for her’. Enlighten her mood allowing her to know how
much she is loved by gifting her something soft and luxurious, a
beautiful plush throw for her sofa or bed and accent pillows to match.
She’ll also love joining you at the movies for a tear jerker or
something over the top sentimental. Your Mom will adore anything
otherworldly or uniquely created just for her. A fun gift certificate
for an Astrological or Psychic reading is always welcomed.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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