Three Common Questions

Ladies, never ask a man these three common questions:

1. How do you feel about me?
2. Where is this going?
3. Are you serious about ‘us’?

These three common questions will indeed have an adverse affect on your relationship.

Of course you want to know where you are and where the two of you are heading.

Where you are heading has to do with how you make him feel, not about length of time you two have been together.  ‘How you make him feel’… starts in the beginning—-not three months down the road.

If you are in a relationship with a man and ‘need’ to ask these questions, then your relationship is suffering from serious communication issues that must be remedied.
Asking the above questions will most definitely create an adverse affect—that you are more likely than not, ‘unprepared to deal with’.

At best, those three little questions, will have a ‘less than positive effect’ on your continued romantic relationship. And not due to anything that he’s thinking about those questions. But more importantly, it’s about how you begin to behave when he fails to answer them the way you ‘believe he should’ answer them.

Your unmet expectations to those three questions could ultimately be ‘the end of your relationship’ due to the attitude you develop based on your unmet expectations.

In brief he will more likely than not ‘withdraw’.

Suddenly, a host of insecurities begin to build within you, and generally speaking your relationship suddenly goes into a death spiral where recovery could occur—-if either of you ‘knew’ the couple communication method of recovery. In this case nothing short of proper communication skills —or conflict resolution skills are required for swift recovery.

Ladies, when you enter a relationship—-you have an agenda of what you want need and desire for yourself. What you want, need and desire for yourself has nothing to do with that man sitting in front of you on your first, second or third date—-of your budding relationship. Even if you do not know just yet, if ‘the man’ sitting in front of you is ‘the one’—-you know what you want ‘for you’—whether you’re out just casual dating with whomever, or you’re seeking a committed relationship resulting in marriage. You have an agenda for yourself—-regardless who the guy is sitting across from you.

Keeping a man ‘out of your bed’ will keep you in ‘his head’… Communicating with a man while he’s pursuing you —–in the way that makes him feel ‘good about himself’ will move you from his head to his heart. ~

A man decides he wants to be with you, and ONLY YOU, and make a real commitment to you, by how YOU make him feel.

The length of time you two have been together does not matter. It can be one, two or three months, or one or two years. It does not matter! There is not a series of events in a man’s mind that he literally or figuratively checks off —-speaking to him suggesting …”well, it is time now, and I need to commit” to her.

Therefore, Ladies, refrain from asking those questions. Rather, make it clear when you initially meet… or at least before you ever become intimate with a man—-what you want for yourself insofar as a romantic relationship is concerned. Secondly, if he’s worth your time, energy and effort, then learn how to communicate with him ‘in that special way’ that will ‘move you from his head to his heart’—-where there are only two specific women in his life—-for life: His Mother and the woman to whom he gives his heart.

If a man is pursuing you and you like him a lot, don’t make the mistake of taking over his role and pursuing or initiating with him—-be the flirty, fun, emotionally connected, enthusiastic responder. Avoid sleeping with him—until you know you are ready for the emotional consequences of such.

Men are natural born hunters. They will go after what they want. If you want ‘him’—–make sure you let him know you want him by ‘how you communicate with him’—-and this means, know what makes him tick, tock and rock, and in that, you will know how to make him feel loved, special and ultimately enamored with ‘ONLY YOU’.

How he feels… when he is with you, interacting with you and around you—-will most definitely ‘move him’… toward, close and comfy with you and—-moving him to the point of wanting you in his life and with him, ‘forever after’. <3
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